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Due to limited supply and high demand for this item, we do not have enough stock, but we will have it back ordered for you. On top of the regular processing time of 14 business days, an additional processing time of 10 business days may be required to fulfill your order. For your patience we will provide you with a special discount of SGD 8.00 upon placing an order of value which is greater or equal to SGD 100.00. Due to the special discount being given, we will not be able to accept any requests of refund on these orders.

Please note that Contact Lenses are a controlled and regulated product under Singapore laws. We are only allowed to ship in a single package, up to 3 month’s supply each time. If your order is found to have over 3 months supply of Contact Lenses, they will be shipped in multiple packages a few days apart.

For example, if you order 24 boxes of 30 pcs packing (they will be shipped in 4 separate shipments of 6 boxes each), 12 boxes of 30 pcs packing (they will be shipped in 2 separate shipments of 6 boxes), 8 boxes of 3 or 6 pcs packing (they will be shipped in 2 shipments of 4 boxes) and 4 boxes of 90 pcs packing (will be shipped in 2 shipments of 2 boxes). For your convenience, we will pack equal powers in each shipment (if you have ordered more than one power in your order).

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